Top marks in patient and resident satisfaction.

At The Manor Health and Rehabilitation Center, our patient and resident satisfaction rankings score consistently high compared to similar facilities, according to Holleran scores. Here’s what our some of our patients, residents, and their family members are saying.

“We will never forget the loving care you provided…you went the extra mile. You treated [our loved one] as if she was part of your family and you cared for and encouraged us as well.”

“I was very impressed by the caring and considerate attitude of all of the employees.”

“Having to put a loved one in a nursing facility is not an easy decision, but bringing my dad to The Manor helped to ease my mind because I know he could not have been in a better place.”

“Words cannot express the deep appreciation we have for you. You made a significant impact on me and my mother’s recovery. Your humanity, humbleness, and deep appreciation for your patients is evident.”

“Your help and support could not have come at a more needed time.”

“They were welcoming, they were encouraging, they were sympathetic…physical therapy I cannot say enough about.”

“On the whole it was wonderful. The exercise was wonderful.”

“I got to see first-hand what it really means to people to be there for them and have the care they need; I am a nurse so it was very fulfilling to see what I do from the outside.”

“Everyone was so helpful and wonderful and very understanding. I couldn’t have asked for better.”

“All of the nurses were very nice and very friendly.”

“The [kitchen staff] made sure I got what I wanted right away. I appreciated the personal attention.”

“In spite of [my mother’s] limited and declining abilities, the staff found a way to enable her to participate and to engage and to have a quality of life I would not have thought possible. For this she and our family will always be grateful.”

“The staff was outstanding. They knew their stuff. They were constantly coming in and asking if they could do something. We liked the food so much we thought about staying another week!”

“I was comfortable knowing my husband was safe and secure there.”

“[Our] social worker was right on top of every request, question—she was awesome. If it wasn’t her job, she made sure it got done.”

“I was very impressed by the caring and considerate attitude of all of the employees.”

“The therapists were excellent, they really give 100% and over.”

“The food was delicious and the variety was wonderful. And, every one of the aides were wonderful.”

“Everybody is warm, friendly, and encouraging.”

“Every day was a good day.”

“The physical and occupational therapists were exceptional.”

“The nursing and care staff were wonderful.”